I remember my grandfather on his fishing boat shouting “today we brought everything Tsima – Tsima”.  This characteristic phrase of his later became the name of the business “TSIMAS SEAFOOD DELICATESSEN”

That’s where I grew up on the fishing boat, that’s where I learned to love the sea, that’s  where I learned everything I know about fish and their preservation. The fishing boat was school for me.

Wanting to share my knowledge I opened a fish shop. The quality and freshness of the fish and shellfish, won the trust of our customers.

In continuation and because of the high demand, I opened a small factory. “Tsimas Seafood Delicatessen” that offers prepackaged fish produce and delicacies of the Aegean Sea.

The factory is the manufacturing, processing, storage and dispatch center, of fresh and frozen seafood. We choose, treat and pack our products responsibly with respect to Greek nature and the environment, creating specialized delicatessen products.

The company has received from EFET (Hellenic food Authority) codes of authorization for processing fresh and frozen products.

All our products are treated and packaged in a suitable sanitized environment. We are certified with ISO 22000 and HACCP.

Our goal is to earn trust, taste and love offering consumers worldwide the fruits of Greek nature, treated with creative inspiration, quality, knowledge and passion ensuring that each product is a delicious journey.